Friday, April 20, 2012

I Love Schnooodles

Maestro the Schnoodle 

Schnoodles are part poodle and part schnauzer.  I love our Schnoodle Maestro.  Actually his full name is Maestro Sugarbaby Hecate which is inspired by our love of music, all things cute and the heavy metal genre.  It's funny that when you get to know the personality of something that all of a sudden a new nickname starts to stick.  We often call Maestro "Pigs" or "Mr. Pigs" because when he gets excited he starts grunting like a pig.  
Why I love Schnoodles....

1.  They are Soft and Cuddly 
Maestro's fur is extremely soft.  Since schnoodle's are part poodle, they have more of a hair like texture.  Shedding tends to be very minimal to non-existant with this dog.  Certain dogs seem to bother my allergies, but since Maestro is part poodle I have not experienced any difficulty.  This dog loves to snuggle and sit on laps.  

2.  They Have Unique Personalities 
Though maestro is small at fourteen pounds he is very athletic, maintaining a big dog mentality.  He is great with people and other dogs.  He has his own unique quirks and is always entertaining to watch.  My fiance swears the dog has said "I love you" and "Hello".  

3.  They are loving and loyal
Maestro will rest his little chin at the sill of our big picture window with his tiny head peeking through the curtains just waiting for us to come home.  We do not have a problem with him running out of the yard, because he hates being away from our side.  Though schnauzers can have a stubborn streak, we have found maestro to be extremely loyal to follow command while consistenly displaying his gentle character.     

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