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Gluten Free in North East Ohio - Living with food allergies

I found out I had food allergies during college.  During this time I was a typical 22 year old college kid and ate a lot of pizza.  Oh, and I started drinking beer!  Living with roommates led me to trying different foods like pistachios and whole wheat products.  Now I have always had issues with my skin, but after I started drinking beer and eating more whole wheat the skin on my face became so inflamed that at one point a doctor wanted to take a biopsy and test me for lupus.  At first I thought I was allergic to alcohol so I decided before I get a biopsy an allergy test was important for a second opinion.  The test results revealed I was not allergic to alcohol, but allergic to wheat, corn, soy and nuts.  The beer and whole wheat bread I was consuming had been wreaking havoc on my poor skin and body!

Finding out you have food allergies or intolerance can be difficult.  You realize you can no longer eat the same things everyone else enjoys.  There is a period of mourning for the foods you once ate, but as you change dietary habits and start to feel so much healthier the cravings decrease.  There may be periods of relapse down this road of becoming allergy free, but the benefits of avoiding the foods that make you sick is well worth the tiny hassle of eating different then others.  The good news is that over the years more and more individuals have been embracing not only more natural food products, but gluten free foods therefore making it easier to find substitutes.  I hope to share more about my allergy free adventures on this blog in the future!

For those who are gluten free in North East Ohio I have compiled a small list of some locally owned restaurants and establishments that cater to us wheat free/gluten free individuals!  I find that it is easier for local restaurants to cater to my specific needs as opposed to big chains.  Many of these are in the Summit/Stark/Portage County areas.


The Bistro of Green

The Bistro is a locally owned restaurant in Green, Ohio that has a gluten free menu.  They use rice pastas and rice flours instead of wheat.  This is upscale yet casual dining and I love ordering off the gluten free menu.  There is a large variety of options and it tastes great!

Mustard Seed Market and Cafe

Mustard Seed has a gluten free menu available, just ask!  I enjoy the salmon wrap and they do have a gluten free flat bread pizza.  There are many organic and healthy, yet delicious options.  They have two locations, one in Fairlawn and one in Solon.


Samantha's is a little joint located close to the beldon village strip mall in North Canton.  They do have gluten free options.  For those of you craving carbs for breakfast....they serve gluten free pancakes!

Ms. Julie's Kitchen

I have not yet been able to visit, but there are gluten free, vegan and allergy free options.  The  hours look limited, but if you are looking for healthy and fresh options this would be a great place to try.

Bricco - Akron

Bricco is a fun restaurant in downtown akron.  They now offer gluten free pasta on their menu!

Tomato Grille

The tomato grille in Bath has the option for gluten free pasta with meals.  Last time I was there they used a corn pasta.


Mrs. P's Gluten Free Bakery

You can place orders for products online.  Ingredients for her creations are listed online under a description and picture of the product.  The cupcakes are amazing.


Altieri's Pizza in Stow

Altieri's has a variety of options to choose and they are very friendly.  The pizza tastes great!  One gluten free pizza will provide four slices.  They also serve gluten free pasta every day.  On Tuesdays and Wednesdays you can get gluten free fried chicken, jo jos and buffalo wings.

*Zeppe's and Fox's pizza now serve gluten free pizzas too.  I find them rather expensive for the taste and often would rather make my pizza from scratch, but if you are in a hurry and need something in your area this is always an option!

Many local restaurants who cook to order may be able to meet your allergy needs.  It never hurts to call and ask!

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