Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sprucing up the House Plant

A few years ago I went to an Eco-friendly convention in downtown Akron and learned about the many decorative uses of water absorbent polymer.  I would describe these little gems as solid water.  They are great for plants because they help keep the soil hydrated.
If you have a plant that needs some sprucing up this is a neat look.  You will need a clear vase jar if you want to enjoy the beauty of the polymer.  A variety of shapes or sizes of glass vases can be used based of the size of the plant.   I had a plant that was already potted in a cylindrical glass vase with sand at the bottom.  Next, I took out the plant, which was in desperate need of some fresh soil and disposed of the sand.  I used some soil we had left in a pot that a tomato plant was grown in last year.  Some leaves and other materials had composted nicely over the months as we left it outside.  The plant loves this composted soil.  

What you will need along with your plant:  clear glass vase, water absorbent polymer such as Aqua Gems, glass stones or stones (glass beads are pretty because they reflect light), soil 

You can use any color in the aqua gems.  They do not stain!  Fill them at the bottom of your vase.  Make sure you leave room for the soil and room for the roots to grow.  You can place the beads through out the polymer.  I used different shades of green and gold glass stones to match my decor.  I put a few in between the soil and polymer for some stability.

This plant has been very healthy living in this condition and since I have a hard time remembering to water it as much as I should, the water polymer helps to keep in moisture.  I'm hoping to get a new camera this summer as the iPhone 3 does not capture enough detail!!

Further more, I have seen this done online without soil.  Here is the link:  water crystals

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