Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Teal Mason Jar Craze

The teal or aqua colored mason jars have peaked in popularity.  If you are looking to make a few bucks and own these beauties, you may be able to sell them on Ebay for a profit. An older relative may have a few of these relics tucked away in storage.  My parents gave me a few of my grandmother's old mason jars.  At one time they were using the quart sized teal jar to hold change.  I also inherited a cool "atlas"  pint sized jar.  The jars look rustic and simple, yet can make a stunning centerpiece.  Many brides to be are planning to use these for their rustic wedding themes.  I like the aqua tinted jars for spring decor.  I'm sure the mason jar craze will end and people will soon find something new for decor that they will endlessly pin on Pinterest, but I plan on keeping my jars until I can pass them down.

Here is how I used my mason jars in my dining room.  I wanted an Easter themed centerpiece.  I found a cute little rabbit I received in an Easter basket a few years ago that I have been waiting to use.  He has found his place this year a top an old mason jar lid!

Put some fresh cut flowers in one of the jars to add a pop of color.  I like the contrast of the pink with the teal.  I used some fuchsia carnations with some light pink lilies.  I recently just switched out the wilting carnations for beautiful deep pink fresh cut tulips from our yard.  We have had unusually warm weather for March so the flowers are blooming!

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